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For the love of boxing we provide safe outlets for youth and support the elders in the boxing community who are battling with the effects of CTE.  

Youth Training

We provide scholarships for youth training; our programs focus on safety and self-empowerment.  Boxing is an incredible sport that promotes fitness, focus, self-defense, confidence, goal building, social development, and more.  The youth in the programs are given boxing training and mentorship.  We offer our services to a diverse group of youth coming from all walks of life.  Some children are referred from county and school programs, other scholarships are based on need, we also serve children on the autism spectrum as boxing's benefits are tremendous to their socialization, dexterity, and movement.

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Amateur Training

Youth who are over the age of 14 and have been determined to be ready to take on amateur competition are moved to our amateur training program.  The program continues their training and begins the first levels of competition.  Competing like any other youth sport can be very costly for parents as it includes travel, hotel accommodations, advanced gear requirements, and more.  For those youth that came to us under scholarship, our goal is to match them with sponsors along their amateur journey.

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Aging Boxer Support

there are no funds set aside to assist aging boxers as they battle CTE and other debilitating conditions caused by their years of sparring.  We offer them the opportunity to provide mentorships to young boxers and assist them through grants to support their medical and living expenses.  They gave their all in the ring and it's our turn to give back!  Learn more about CTE here

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